The 2014 Meeting of the Foucault Circle

The 2014 meeting of the Foucault Circle took place in at Malmö University in Malmö, Sweden from June 5-8, 2014.


Abstracts are currently unavailable.  Logistical information is available.


The updated program is also available in pdf.


Thursday, June 5


9am Registration begins


9:00-11:00 – Coffee


11:00-12:10 – Care of the Self and Others

Moderator: TBD

Richard A. Lynch (DePauw University), “Inextricably Interwoven Concerns: Caring for Oneself and Others in Foucauldian Ethics”

J. Greg Keller (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis), “Becoming a dialogical self: A Foucauldian practice of relationship”


12:10-1:45 – Lunch


1:45-3:00 – Foucault and Feminism

Moderator: Christina Warne (Binghamton University – SUNY)

Lynne R. Huffer (Emory University), “Foucault’s Fossils: Life Itself and the Return to Nature in Feminist Philosophy”

Emily R. Douglas (University of Alberta), “Foucauldian Laughter and its Feminist Uses”


3:00-4:30 – Roundtable: Foucault and Philosophy

Sverre Raffnsøe (Copenhagen Business School)

Marius Gudmand-Høyer (Copenhagen Business School)

Morten Thaning Sørensen (Copenhagen Business School)


4:30-6:00 – Reception


Friday, June 6


8:30-9:00 – Coffee


9:00-10:45 – Parrhesia and Politics

Moderator: Deborah Keller

Karl Lydén, “Parrhesia as Polyvalent Political Practice”                                                       

Giovanni Mascaretti (University of Essex), “Parrhesia and Politics: Michel Foucault’s Insurgent Democracy”

Shannan L. Hayes (Duke University), “Reading Care Cynically, or the Care of the Self as Neoliberal Resistance”


11:00-12:45 – Dialogues

Moderator: TBD

Mary Beth Mader (University of Memphis), “The Regularities of the Statement: Deleuze on Archaeology of Knowledge”

Samuel Talcott (University of the Sciences), “Canguilhem, Foucault, and the Education of Philosophy”              

C. Heike Schotten (University of Massachusetts Boston), “Sovereignty and Resistance: Agamben, Foucault, and the War on Terror”


12:45-2:15 – Lunch and Business Meeting


2:15-4:00 – Applications

Moderator: Deborah Keller

Denise Mifsud (University of Stirling), “The Network Traffic Flow in a Maltese college: An exploration of power relations among educational leaders through an application of Foucauldian thinking”

Kirsti Sarheim Anthun (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), “Foucault’s concept of heterotopia confronted with contemporary software project management”

Patrick J. Ryan (King’s University College), “Reading Childhood Historically with Foucault”


4:15-5:45 – Roundtable: Feminist Perspectives

Dianna Taylor (John Carroll University)

Margaret McLaren (Rollins College)

Margareth Rago (State University of Campinas – UNICAMP)

Chloë Taylor (University of Alberta)

Karen Vintges (University of Amsertdam)


Saturday, June 7


8:30-9:00 Coffee


9:00-10:45 – Power over Life and Death

Moderator: TBD

Karen Houle (University of Guelph), “Abortion emerging as a moral problem”

Ben Golder (University of New South Wales), “Foucault contra Biopolitics: Tactics, the Right to Die and the Critique of the Death Penalty”          

James Bernauer (Boston College), “Suicidal Existence as Political Practice of the Self”


11:00-12:45 – Exclusions, Confinements, Control

Moderator: TBD

Stephanie Martens (Laurentian University), “Subjectivity and Civilization: Social Contract Theory and the Construction of Aboriginality”          

Roberto Medeiros (University of Fortaleza), “The Praxis and the Politics of the Military Policy in Brazilian Slums - A Foucauldian Perspective”

Sean Erwin (Barry University), “Political Technique, The Conflict of Umori and Foucault’s Reading of Machiavelli in Sécurite, Territoire, Population”                                                    


12:45-2:15 – Lunch


2:15-4:00 – Law, Power, Critique

Moderator: TBD

Jacopo Martire (University of Sterling), “On the Current State of Foucauldian interpretations of law”

George W. Shea, IV (Duquesne University) “Unmasking Foucault: From Metaphysical to Genealogical Critique”

Marcelo Hoffman, “Investigations from Marx to Foucault”             


4:15-5:45 – Roundtable: Foucault's Toolbox for Understanding the Political: European, North American, and Australian Perspectives

Mitchell Dean (Copenhagen Business School; University of Newcastle, Australia)

Thomas Dumm (Amherst College)

Kaspar Villadsen (Copenhagen Business School)

Jeffrey Bussolini (CUNY; ABMSC)


Sunday, June 8


8:30-9:00 – Coffee


9:00-10:45 – Foucault and Aesthetics

Moderator: TBD

Tim Stott (Dublin Institute of Technology), “Reading Foucault after Modern Painting: From Object to System”

Arianna Sforzini (Université Paris-Est Créteil / Università di Padova), Michel Foucault’s Theatrum Philosophicum”           

Tomasz Falkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University), “The Musilian Paradigm: Foucault as a Man Without Qualities”           


11:00-12:45 – Roundtable: Foucault’s Positivism

Timothy H. Engström, (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Dimosthenis Chatzoglakis, (Malmö University)

Berndt Clavier, (Malmö University)

Despina Tzimoula, (Malmö University)