Logistical information for the 2014 Meeting


Flight info to Foucault Circle 2014 at Malmö University, Sweden

We strongly recommend that you book your flight to Copenhagen International Airport, (CPH, Kastrup)


Trains and tickets from Copenhagen Int. Airport (CPH, Kastrup) to Malmö

The best and fastest way to get from the Copenhagen International Airport to Malmö Central Station is by train over Öresundsbron, the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö.


The train will take you all the way to Malmö University, located right next to the Central Station (train ride is approx 25-30 minutes from airport-to-Malmö downtown). The trains depart 1 staircase down from the Arrival hall at CPH.


Trains depart every 20 minutes to Malmö Central Station

Train schedule, go to the website for Travel Planner/ “Reseplaneraren”


Search: Go from CPH airport to Malmö Central Station:




How and where to buy train tickets

You buy the train tickets at the ticket machines right next to the staircase leading down to the train plattform.


Also see this website:



You can save money by buying a Duo/Family ticket good for two adults.


Housing/Hotels in downtown Malmö

Malmö University is located just by the water, a few minutes walk away from downtown Malmö. This is where you find hotels, shops, restaurants and cafés. You don’t have to use any other transportation to get around for the conference.


Hotel breakfast:

For the Foucault Circle 2014 we recommend Moment hotels and Scandic Hotel Sankt Jörgen for your stay in Malmö.

We have arranged with discount prices available for reservation for conference participants. These preferred hotels, as most other Swedish hotels, serve international breakfasts, usually included in the price. Both our hotels are located within a 5 min walking distance from the University (conference location) as well as the Central station. Below you find the reference codes to use for reservation.


-Moment Hotel 


Discount Price:

650 SEK (~70 euro)/night single bedroom

790 SEK (~85 euro)/night double bedroom


Please use following booking reference for Moment Hotel

Booking reference:  FC14


-Hotell Scandic S:t Jörgen http://www.scandichotels.se/Hotels/Sverige/Malmo/Scandic-St-Jorgen/

Discount Price:

690 SEK (~75 euro)/night single bedroom

790 SEK (~85 euro)/night double room


Please use following booking reference for Hotel Scandic St. Jörgen

Booking reference:  BMAL050614



If in need of a taxi, the taxi fares are quite decent.


Staying in Copenhagen

As transportation between Copenhagen and Malmö is quick and smooth there is always the possibility of staying at a nearby hotel in central Copenhagen and use local train transportation.


Tourist information about Malmö


Check out his website: